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  • Following a diagnosis of 'just arthritis' in a painful shoulder by another physician, I pressed my physical therapist to recommend the best doctor that she knew to look at my shoulder for a second opinion. She unequivocally recommended Dr. Sameer Nagda. Dr. Nagda thoroughly tested and evaluated my shoulder problem and determined that it was impinged. He did the surgery, repaired a tear and and directly guided the physical therapy that led to a quick recovery. I arrived at every visit with a list of questions and concerns. He addressed all of them clearly. This 74 year old weight lifter is quickly getting back into his exercise program. I would highly recommend Dr. Nagda and his team to anyone.

    ~Sam Cantey~

  • I'm still talking about Dr. Nagda 4 years after he last operated on me! Dr Nagda was recommended by another orthopedic surgeon, which is unheard of! He repaired my 2 blown apart shoulders, and 1 right biceps tear. All were major surgeries! Dr Nagda repaired my destroyed shoulders with amazing results. I was in extreme pain before i met Dr. Nagda. He is the MAN ! Years later I'm still so very thankful and fortunate to have had been operated on by him. Not only is Dr. Nagda is a super surgeon, he is also very humble, funny, fun, very entertaining, and have I mentioned the BEST orthopedic surgeon I've ever had, and I've had many. His bedside manners were AMAZING! The man knows his stuff and he's been around some BIG TIME professional sports players! If professional ball players love Dr Nagda than pretty much that's all you need to know. Lol He's that good I can go on and on about Dr. Nagda's knowledge, bedside manners, thoughtfulness, caring, and how he always makes u feel 100% important! Thank you, Dr. Nagda, for taking care of me!

    ~K Sh~

  • Great visit. Really appreciate that the doctor speaks to you about exactly what he is seeing/feeling/assessing and what he's going to do. Very knowledgeable.

    ~Lexa Phlegar~

  • Outstanding medical care from my first appointment through my shoulder surgery and the entire recovery period. Dr Nagda is a very personable physician who demonstrated sincere interest in my wellbeing and my understanding of the treatment. His staff was equally on top of my care throughout the process. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Nagda to my family and my closest friends.

    ~Dan Higgins~

  • Simply stated the best of the best. Thoughtful, excellent physician and patient relationship, innovative, and truly caring are the hallmark of Dr. Nagda and his team. After surgery and following his guidance within six months of major rotator cuff repair I'm back to enjoying the out of doors.

    ~Mike Molnar~

  • I'm 72 and have been a (masochistic) athlete for most of my life - try "heaving the shot" in college or throwing thousands of pitches to LL and Babe Ruth players as they learn how to hit real pitching - in my 50's. Dr Nagda is so personable and caring. And I'm back to hitting that 16" softball (Chicago) after a total shoulder replacement. I'm pain free and my strength is increasing - but THAT is up to me! Dr Nagda is the best!

    ~Mick Hartz~

  • I am over the moon pleased with the results of my shoulder replacement surgery. Just 6 wks post op, I have amazing range of motion, no pain and feel great. I am so grateful and want to thank Dr. Nagda and his full staff, what an awesome team!

    ~Kathy French~

  • Excellent. Dr. Nagda is the best and spends quality time. He doesn't rush and takes the time to explain everything. He does it all with a sense of humour too!

    ~Tanya House~

  • He really cares about his patients. Great bedside manner.

    ~Denise Feulner~

  • This was for my husband William. He said the entire staff and Doctor are top notch. Would recommend to anyone needing a shoulder doctor.

    ~Barbara Clemens~

  • I living in Loudoun County and it is hard to get to the office. But it is always wreath it. The Anderson Clinic is the best. Dr. Sameer Nagda staff was top notch!! Marcella the PA was kind and easy to communicate with. Fully understood my problem and how to fix it. An Ace. A staff member Kelly went way over the call of duty. She stepped in and made things happen. A double Ace I look forward to working with the whole team. Thanks

    ~Mark Winn~

  • Efficiently diagnosed my shoulder issues and prescribed treatment and physical therapy to take care of the problem. I have lots of confidence in him as a doctor as he has treated me in the past and I’ve always had a successful recovery.

    ~Paula Caswell~

  • Exewllent Doctor who was very thoughtful caring and really seemed to onowcwhat he was doing. & gmgiid lustener

    ~Laura Methvin~

  • In my opinion, one of the best doctors from whom I've been treated.

    ~Daniel Branigan~

  • I had a bad internal break of my clavicle due to a medical visit in Mexico. Upon returning to DC I saw Dr. Nagda who helped me through the two year recovery and surgery required. I can’t thank him and Anderson Orthopedics enough for the many visits and flexibility they showed me. Nagda is the best, most honest, knowledgeable, caring Doctor I’ve ever met.

    ~Jake Smith~

  • I had an un unsuccessful surgery on my shoulder last year. Dr. Nagda evaluated my case, performed a corrective procedure, and prescribed a physical therapy appropriate for me. I now have full range of motion and am on a road to a full recovery. Thank you!

    ~Christopher Sherwood~

  • Great Doctor with great personality. I would recommend him to anyone who is having shoulder problems. You won’t regret it.

    ~Joanna Stephens~

  • Dr. Nagda is a rock star. When I broke my shoulder in 4 places he recommended I keep it immobilized for 6 weeks to avoid surgery. It worked! He takes a true interest in his patients, taking time to listen and explain, monitoring your progress, and communicating with your physical therapist . I am so pleased to be his patient. His entire staff is outstanding and your are seen promptly after your arrival.

    ~Jane Adkins~

  • Dr. Nagda has been my orthopedic for many years. I have had 3 surgery’s performed by him and all of them were successful with minimal recovery time. I cannot say enough great things about his talent and personality. Best doctor ever!

    ~Lori Hastings~

  • Just finished PT for my rotator cuff surgery performed by Dr. Nagda. He has now done both of my shoulders now and I would NEVER consider another Dr! He is great, he listens and takes your questions and concerns seriously. I have seen a number of docs at the Anderson Clinic and highly recommend all of them!

    ~Bridget Sproul~

  • Dr. Nagda was excellent with my daughter's injury; he took lots of time to examine her elbow and asked her so many questions; I felt like he really took the time and had a great bedside manner. Very grateful to have found him. He also did not recommend surgery after a previous ortho said she needed it. Thank you!

    ~Lisa Van Riper~

  • This office sets the standard for professionalism. More importantly, DR. Nagda assessed and properly diagnosed the issues relating to my knee. I’ve never had a surgeon be more thorough in his explanation and direct with his prognosis. I feel as if I have a new friend. Kudos to he and his wonderful staff.

    ~John Denton~

  • Dr. Nagda is great. My dad is in great hands with him!

    ~Anish Shah~

  • This is the second shoulder I've had Dr. Nagda take care of. He's a fantastic surgeon who helped me focus on getting back to active.

    ~Mary Gillman~

  • I have had two shoulder replacements; one in 2014 and one in 2016. I was afraid to have the surgery. Dr Nagda put me at ease with his calm quiet manner. I now have full use of my shoulders and arms thanks to his skills. I went through both surgeries and recovery without problems. I have recommended many people to him as being the best in this area.

    ~Bonnie Cleveland~

  • I have been knowing and TRUSTING Dr. Nagda with my shoulder and knee surgeries for more than 5 years. He came HIGHLY recommended by another doctor. After doing some research, I found out that he is a member of the best orthopedic team. When I was unable to walk or stand, Dr. Nagda sent me to see the rheumatologist for further testing. He told me that he knows my knees and felt that it was more to this situation. HE WAS DEAD ON!!! I got treated and now I'm able to walk again because of Dr. Nagda. He is the most attentive, honest, professional, knowledgeable, caring, and friendly orthopedic doctor. Whatever Dr Nagda says and or recommend about my limbs is GOLDEN!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Nagda because he is the best and his word is bond!!!! Dr Nagda is officially a part of my family FOREVER!!!!

    ~T Jenkins~

  • Great bedside manner. Sat down and explained my injury very clearly. Took the time to answer all my questions/concerns. Provided advice on the best time to do the surgery in regards to my vacation plans and wedding. Thank you Dr. Nagda!

    ~Pamela Jones~

  • A very pleasant experience. Looking forward to my next visit.

    ~John Briscoe~

  • Dr. Nagda was very easy to talk with. He is very knowledgable about my shoulder. He was patient. I felt very confident and highly recommend him.

    ~Pamela Newberry~

  • I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my reverse shoulder replacement, done By Dr. Sameer Nagda. When I first heard the phrase "reverse shoulder replacement" I was absolutely speechless, and that is not something that happens to me very often. I was referred to Dr. Nagda by one of his colleagues after a couple of months of serious physical therapy on my ailing shoulder. Dr. Nagda tried injections and other treatment but ultimately replacement was the only option. It went exactly as Dr. Nagda and his team said it would. It wasn't easy but it was totally worth it. I have, once again, full use of my shoulder. The office works as well as any doctor's office I have been in, and it exudes sheer competence. Dr. Nagda and his staff get the highest recommendation I could give.

    ~Jack Crosby~

  • Like the many dozens of others who have given Dr. Nagda five stars, I'm really impressed with his skill and understanding. He performed total shoulder replacement surgery on me about 4 weeks ago, and I'm well on my way to being back to normal. He answered every detailed question that I had with clarity and a thoroughness that shows his understanding of the latest technologies and procedures in the world of shoulders.

    ~Tom Bennett~

  • An amazing doctor! Very positive but always up front with what you need to do to improve.

    ~Rich Rollison~

  • Staff is courteous, friendly, and professional. I met with Dr. Nagda for a second opinion regarding rotator cuff concerns. Dr. Nagda had reviewed my file and was familiar with my surgical history. He explained in understandable language what was happening with my shoulder and the corrective options available. He took the time to answer all my questions about those options. We agreed on a path forward. I recommend Dr. Nagda without reservation.

    ~John Skiba~

  • My visit to Dr. Nagda was incredible! He is so personable, asks questions, listens to your answers AND then assesses your problem/issue. He looked at my MRI prior seeing to me and we developed a plan of action based upon his careful and thorough examination. He answered every question and clearly explained my options and WE made the best recommendations for treatment going forward. It was a pleasure talking to such an incredible and caring specialist. I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder issues!

    ~Lauren Corbin~

  • From my first consultation with Dr. Nagda, through my shoulder replacement, and all through my recovery and rehab I have received excellent care from everyone I encountered at the Anderson Orthopedic Clinic. The staff is very professional and friendly, and Dr. Nagda has a caring and compassionate bedside manner. He has a great sense of humor as well, and always took his time during my appointments with him. I never felt rushed, and he always patiently answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Nagda to everyone I know. I feel very fortunate to have found him and the Anderson Clinic.

    ~Renee Nelson~

  • Dr. Nagda was the most personable surgeon I have EVER met and after working in a large hospital for over 30 years, I have met a lot of doctors! He took so much time to explain my knee problem and the different procedures that might help it and he was so knowledgeable. He is not afraid to say he doesn't know something, but he'll find out the info for you. The closest office is 1 1/2 hours away from me and it was worth every mile to get to the best docs! This was one of the very best doc appointments I have ever had!

    ~Lori Rockwell~

  • I would rate Dr. Nagda as the best or one of the best shoulder doctors/surgeons in the nation 3 years ago my son destroyed his shoulder Dr. Nagda was able to put him back together. I now need shoulder work done on both after seeing an orthopedic surgeon in my area I did not get a comforting feeling about what I was being told so I made appointment for second opinion saw Dr. Nagda he took the time explain an show me what was going on felt much better about the whole scenario. Very thankful for his honesty.

    ~Craig Shultzaberger~

  • As far as I am concerned my shoulder replacement was perfect and I am a veteran of 2 hip replacements. Even better he is personable and casually took time to explain to me what a good throwing motion looks like. Its not like I am going pro at 65.

    ~Thomas Oberdorfer~

  • Dr. Nagda has a wonderful bedside manner. My visit was not rushed, I had time to discuss my symptoms, he explained my diagnosis and the various treatment options. I appreciated his conservative approach. Overall, I left my appointment feeling well informed and pleased with the treatment I was given. I would not hesitate to refer family and friends to him.

    ~Lisa Grewe~

  • Saw Dr. Nagda for a swimming-related shoulder problem. (Had previously seen him 4 years ago for a similar problem with the other shoulder). He quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem and prescribed treatment that after only two days is already showing results. Same for an elbow injury that he dealt with simultaneously (tennis elbow unrelated to tennis). Dr. Nagda is extremely knowledgeable regarding sports-related problems and understands the athlete's perspective and knows how to relate to them. He is most pleasant and personable. Would recommend him without reservation.

    ~Mike Davey~

  • After a shoulder injury, I was in quite a bit of pain and having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. A friend told me about Anderson, so I called for an appointment. Every contact with staff, nurses, and Dr. Nagda was positive and professional. They ordered the necessary tests and discovered I did have a rotator cuff tear and would need surgery. Dr. Nagda performed the outpatient surgery, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! I can sleep without any discomfort, have full mobility again, and have no pain whatsoever. Thank you, Dr. Nagda!

    ~Ann Evans~

  • Working in radiology I have the opportunity to see the work of many orthopaedic surgeons. So when I injured my shoulder, I made an appointment with the best I've ever seen in my 25 career- Dr. Sameer Nagda. The care and expertise I received were second to none. He is outstanding. Thanks to him, I will be able to return to my full activity levels and enjoy my daily life.

    ~Melissa Botelho~

  • Dr. Nagda was upfront and said what needs to be said. He was honest enough to say that he does think he needs to treat me and that I should just follow his advise.

    ~Patricia Roldan~

  • He replaced my shoulder last summer and I can't say enough good things about him. Who'd have ever known that having joint replacement surgery could be such a good experience. Certainly not me! But thanks to Dr Nagda it was.

    ~Lauren Scarlato~

  • Dr. Nagda and his staff were very helpful throughout the whole experience I had when I needed rotator cuff surgery. My condition had become debilitating by the time I sought his help. Not only did Dr. Nagda repair my shoulder, which had multiple tears, he referred me to a wonderful physical therapy provider, OSPT. I owe my full range of motion and increasing strength to Dr. Nagda's excellent skills, and his knowledge of the best network of supporting providers to aid in my recovery!

    ~Ellen H~

  • I had rotator cuff repair surgery from Dr. Nagda. I researched his credentials and reviews prior to selecting him as my surgeon and I definitely made the right selection. He not one to rush a patient through an exam, pushing surgery at any cost. He shows compassion and explains every detail of what will happen prior to, during and following surgery. Most important to me, he is very open to patients who ask questions. He strives to make sure that patient and doctor are on the same page. He's the best and I definitely recommend him!

    ~R Gregory~

  • Dr. Nagda was nothing short of amazing. I had scar tissue in my left knee preventing my range of motion. I couldn't kneel or squat. The day after my minimally invasive procedure I practically had full range of motion! Two weeks out with physical therapy and I am already back at the gym. I am so thankful to have my life back. Dr. Nagda has my highest recommendation.

    ~Lori Luster~

  • On time service. Staff is responsive and efficient. Dr Nagda cares about my condition, its impact on my daily routine and my physical activities. He explains the situation, what he recommends doing and what I should anticipate in terms of recovery. . He has repaired both my shoulders and one is his first questions was "What do you want to do after surgery?" Not just, this is why is hurts and this is what we'll going to do. He cares about the patient and what their interests are and how he can help you achieve that objective. A skilled surgeon with absolute care for the patient after surgery.

    ~Doug Herr~

  • Dr. Nagda is amazing, he is very thorough and makes sure you understand everything and you are good with your course of care. He never rushes you through the appointment. I recommend him to anyone needing and orthopedist.

    ~Deb Morroni~

  • My primary doctor referred me to Dr Nagda for a possible torn rotator cuff. The original consultation appointment was easy to make and once I arrived for my appointment I was seen quickly. Two and a half weeks after my consultation, Dr. Nagda completed surgery on my right shoulder to repair my “shredded” rotator cuff. The surgery went well. The physical therapy required after my surgery went smoothly. When released from PT, I had 100 % mobility. I would highly recommend Dr Nagda and his team.

    ~Steve Staples~

  • Dr. Nagda came highly recommended and he lived up to the "hype." He asked questions about the problem, listened to the answers, and then asked followup questions. His treatment recommendation was a conservative one, but if surgery is the eventual solution I'll definitely ask Dr. Nagda to do it.

    ~Jane Rea~

  • Dr. Nagda was warm, caring, very thorough and informative. He carefully and fully answered all of my questions. He showed me the materials for a shoulder replacement. Told me what to expect, recovery times and do's and don't and gave me long term prognosis. I am much more at ease for what to expect and I respect his skills and experience a lot.

    ~Cate Adsit~

  • Thank you Dr. Sameer for the clear discussion of shoulder damage and laying out three-part treatment plan with conveniently located P/T referrals. Dr. Nagda is friendly, helpful, and consultation stood up to his stellar sports medicine reputation. The office is efficient from on-time appointment to setting up MRIs to read, taking immediate on-site x-rays to complete the file, and speedy treatment. Great experience. Dr. Nagda is worth the wait to get an appointment. S. Stephens

    ~RealVest Associates, Inc.~

  • I was referred to Dr. Nagda by my physical therapist after a shoulder injury while playing softball. I previously had consultations with a few other surgeons that I was unsure about - I knew right away when I met with Dr. Nagda that I wanted to go with him. He spent 45 minutes with me reviewing my MRI, explaining the injury and the proposed repair, walking through the recovery, and answering every question I had. He is the sweetest man, and immediately put me at ease when he walked through the door. He truly cared to understand the problem and treated me like a person - not just another patient. The surgery went flawlessly, and he has addressed my every concern in the follow up appointments. His office manager Shannon is super organized and quick to respond, and his PA Marci is equally knowledgeable and friendly. I would go back to Dr. Nagda in a heartbeat, and would recommend him over any other orthopedic surgeon in the area.

    ~Stephen Sims~

  • Would not hesitate to seek him out in the future and recommit to other. He is the most personable and professional physician I know. Each visit is like meeting with a friend. He is No. 1 in my book.

    ~Roxanne Massie~

  • Very Knowledgeable and on top of current procedures. Genuine and caring doctor.

    ~Peggy Rose~

  • Dr. Nagda recently performed a reverse shoulder replacement on me the day before Thanksgiving. He assured me that I would be discharged by noon on Thanksgiving so that I could be with my family. Sure enough, he was there to release me as promised. I have been pleased with both his surgical skill as well as his communication during office visits with me. I am very glad I was referred to him. The office staff has also been easy to work with. Shannon has been so helpful during the whole process as well.

    ~Kim Kiggins~

  • Helped me through a dislocated clavicle, would definitely recommend

    ~Colton Harrington~

  • Helped me through a dislocated clavicle, would definitely recommend

    ~Colton Harrington~

  • Dr. Nagda is always a joy to visit. He is extremely knowledgeable with an excellent bedside manner and explains issues and options for treatment thoroughly and allows me to be a part of the decision-making process in my care.

    ~Kelly Lohmann~

  • I had my first meeting with Dr Nagda today about my shoulder issue. I was very pleased. He listened to my history and I could tell from his comments that he had studied my tests carefully. Even though he is a surgeon he is not rushing to “cut” but instead mapped out a plan going forward for my best care. I am looking forward to working with Dr Nagda to resolve my shoulder issue.

    ~Mark Thompson~

  • Dr. Nagda and his team are wonderful. They are all patient, kind and caring. Dr. Nagda takes his time with each and very visit you have with him. You can tell he is genuinely concerned about you and gladly answers all your questions. He is the only Orthopedic Surgeon I would use in this area.

    ~Kathy Dolce~

  • Dr Nagda did a wonderful job on my shoulder. He managed my expectations of the surgery and recovery time very will and got me back to playing ice hockey in 5 months. It was worth every penny.

    ~Mitch Levinson~

  • Excellent visit concerning a torn rotator cuff (and related shoulder problems) during which Dr. Nagda explained the problems clearly, laid out alternative treatments, and answered my many questions. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone with shoulder issues.

    ~Bob Williams~

  • Dr. Nagda did my shoulder surgery and has seen me for other issues. He has a great bedside manner and listens and offers thoughtful alternatives. He is also a skilled surgeon and did a wonderful job on my surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone with shoulder or knee problems.

    ~Meredith Westfahl~

  • Outstanding treatment! I had a clavicle (collar bone) broken in two places. I was lucky to find Dr. Nagda, who performed the surgery and later explained post-op treatment. Follow up by him and his staff, including P.A. Marcie, was caring and top notch. Bottom line, my wife and I could not have hoped for a better outcome. Andersen has a great staff. We highly recommend Dr. Nagda to anyone seeking orthopedic treatment/surgery!

    ~Jack Straw~

  • I had a great experience with Dr. Nagda's office throughout my surgery and recovery journey. Before my surgery Dr. Nagda came highly recommended and he and his support staff didn't disappoint. I was always made aware of what was going on, what the plan was and how I was progressing. I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend him in the future.

    ~Paul Martinez~

  • Excellent bedside manner is an understatement. Dr. Nagda takes time to listen to your issues, thoroughly examine and properly diagnose. His staff is helpful and efficient. I can highly recommend a consultation for anyone suffering joint pain or limited movement.

    ~George Caruso~

  • Dr. Nadga could not have been nicer or more thorough. As a new patient seeing him for the first time, I felt like he had been my doctor for many years and took a true personal interest in me.

    ~Martin Nover~

  • I enjoyed my time under Dr. Nagda's care. He has a great bedside manner and is always clear with his message. I really enjoyed his thoroughness in describing each step of my care from my first diagnosis through surgery and the follow up appointments. If you are in need of care that requires an Orthopedic Surgeon, you can't go wrong with Dr. Nagda and his team. His staff is top notch and professional.

    ~Scott Bach-Hansen~

  • Dr Nagda and the staff at Anderson Orthopedic Clinic are fantastic! Very professional and friendly. I am a repeat patient and my diagnoses have been right on the money every time. I would definitely recommend him.

    ~Ben Dye~

  • As always a great experience. Dr. Nagda listens to my short term and long term goals surrounding my issues. He always sets a plan that will work for me, resulting in a fast recovery and allowing me to get back to the gym and sports I enjoy doing.

    ~Nicholas Stoyer~

  • Best in the business. Familial, a master at his craft, and very responsive throughout entire process.

    ~Brent Robertson~

  • Before I went to see Dr. Nagda, he was highly recommended by two different physical therapists. When I finally went to see him I received excellent care from both him and his staff. He is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable during pre-op/post-op appointments. I highly recommend him and The Anderson Clinics.

    ~Toney Ash~

  • From Joel Hudson: I had my right shoulder replaced in 2012 and my left shoulder in April, 2018. Dr Nagda is an outstanding surgeon whose communication and technical skills can not be surpassed. I have been a resident of Florida since 2004 and will always have Dr. Nagda as my first choice.

    ~Trell Hudson~

  • The office staff was friendly and professional. They took me right away, barely had time to complete my paperwork! The nurse and Dr Nagda were friendly , professional and thorough. Dr Nagda took the time to answer all my questions . Very highly recommend!

    ~Laurie Yates~

  • I've been a patient of Dr. Nagda's for about 4 years. Dr. Nagda replaced my shoulder 2 years ago and I have had a remarkable recovery. Most importantly, I have found Dr.Nagda to be an excellent surgeon and a physician who genuinely cares about his patients. He carefully listened to all of my questions and concerns and I greatly appreciated that. It isn't often that one can find a physician like Dr. Nagda who is a top-notch surgeon and a caring doctor.

    ~Pat Condie~

  • Dr Nagda has operated on my knees,my son's shoulders and my daughters recent ACL injury. Dr.Nagda has always been so wonderful to our family. He is working diligently with my daughter so she will be ready to play college field hockey. He has provided us with wonderful care,but also has sent us to physical therapists who work just as hard to get us healthy. There may be a wait,but coming from a person who has had numerous orthopedic surgeries, he is worth the wait.

    ~M Slix~

  • High marks on both the quality of care and the operational aspects of the clinic. Because I would take a bus to the clinic, I often arrived 15-20 minutes early. Each time, they started my appointment early and got me on my way to work much earlier than I expected. Dr. Nagda "really knows his stuff" - he explained everything to me and setup physical therapy sessions that did wonders for me.

    ~Mark Kiefer~

  • Dr Nagda really takes the time to understand what is going on to cause pain or an injury. Truly an exceptional doctor.

    ~Joanna Bopp~

  • Wonderful doctor, with a warm personality, and great skills. He got me through a broken shoulder, and did surgery on my husband's shoulder. Both experiences were great. I recommend him highly.

    ~Robin Kelly~

  • Extraordinary professionalism by doctor and staff. With a genuine sense of caring for me. Highly recommend Anderson Clinic and Dr. Nagda.

    ~Chris Jones~

  • Dr. Nagda and his staff provided excellent patient care to me during my visits. He demonstrated patience as he fully provided me a detailed explanation of my injury, future symptoms and developed a plan for recovery, while answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Nagda to my family and friends.

    ~Geoff Hill~

  • I had a brief consultation about shoulder surgery. Dr Nagda was very friendly, professional, and clear. He said I didn't need it, at least yet. I like my good news delivered straight.

    ~Peter MacDowell~

  • Dr. Nagda is absolutely the best doctor I have ever seen and I am 69 years old! I experienced care in both the knee and shoulder specialties and he is highly recommended by me . In addition, he is personable and empathetic to his patient's concerns.

    ~Becki Jones~

  • Dr. Nagda is great, honest and is the doctor that you would want to send your family too, time and time again. He's willing listen to your concerns and offer what's best for you each and every time. I trust him, his judgement and his support staff who are kind, and always seem to know how to fit me in when I need to see someone at the Anderson clinic

    ~Margaret Jones~

  • There are so many good doctors in our Area but Dr Sameer Nagda is the best .He is very attentive,genuine and cares about his patients.His staff are very friendly and make you very comfortable when visiting the clinic .In my case my shoulder surgery went very well and he explain to me everything in details.He has the skills to handle any challenge. I highly recommend him and his staff.

    ~Fadi Zakaria~

  • Dr. Nagda has performed rotator cuff surgery on both my shoulders. I cannot say enough good things about him as a surgeon, and just a really fine person. He is consistently patient and understanding and spends all the necessary time with patients. I recommend him without reservation.

    ~Rose DuPont~

  • Dr. Nagda is a superb surgeon and caring physician. He performed difficult yet successful rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders over a two-year period. Rehab protocol was measured and completely successful.

    ~Steve Dressing~

  • Dr. Nagda did a great job on my shoulder. Just had my one year follow-up and everything is great. No more pain, great movement!


  • If you have a shoulder injury you doctor should be DR. Nagda. Ask around, he's the best there is.

    ~Rick T~

  • Dr. Nagda helped me with my elbow bone spur and tricep tendon tear. I can’t believe I am already back on the basketball court less than three months after surgery draining 3 pointers on unsuspecting defenders! I suffered for at least 10 years with this bone spur and at age 40 I feel like I got a new leash on life. Although the same life of balling but a new life of balling WITHOUT pain. I couldn’t thank Dr. Nagda enough. Thanks for everything especially for allowing me to make it rain again!


  • I had rotator cuff surgery in 2011 by another surgeon and my shoulder never did feel good, it just continued to get worse. A Physical Therapist recommended Dr Nagda and I made an appointment. I was delighted to meet him. He was very professional and explained his diagnosis and prognosis yet was outgoing and humorous. I liked him immediately. I could feel his caring and compassion. I was not wrong. Dr. Nagda performed a Reverse Shoulder Replacement and I have done super. I just saw him for my one year checkup. I have no pain and I'm able to finally use that arm and shoulder again. I highly recommend Dr Nagda, his staff, and the Inova Mount Vernon Hospital. To top it off, Dr. Nagda is very easy on the eyes!! Thank you Doc, you are the man!

    ~Kathy Conover~

  • Very pleased with my surgery outcome with Dr. Nagda.


  • Dr Nagda fixed my torn rotator cuff. There was minimal pain, a quick a recovery as possible under the circumstances with minimal issues, and all went per plan. He/staff were attentive and knowledgeable, addressed all my concerns and questions, and made sure I was doing a satisfactory job with rehab to hasten recovery.

    ~Thomas Klima~

  • Dr. Nagda really raised the bar… and blew Reston’s out of the water. He was very clear, and caring and took his time explaining my conditions and answering all of my questions about the treatment plan. I would definetly recommend him to anyone.

    ~Juan Rosario~

  • The top-shelf, gold standard for orthopaedic surgery and post-care! Cannot be upgraded or improved is that stellar.

    ~Gerald Craig~

  • I have had boatloads of bone / joint issues from a life of sports and without exaggeration Dr. Nagda is absolutely the best Orthopedic surgeon you could possibly find (been with him over 12 years now) !!! BIG Bonus: he has an excellent office staff too!!!

    ~Earl Burton~

  • Dr. Nagda did two outstanding rotator cuff repairs for me. I am so pleased with his care and guidance that I cannot recommend him enough.

    ~Ann Behrends~

  • Dr. Nagda was personally involved in my case from beginning to end. He explained his findings and recommended treatment in laymen's terms and did not "steer" me towards surgery at the outset. Non-surgical treatments were considered and tried initially. When it became clear that surgery was the final and necessary option, it was scheduled quickly. While my injury turned out to be a "high risk" rotator cuff case and required a longer and somewhat more complicated surgery, the results are very good. Dr. Nagda was professional and friendly. in short, he is a winner..

    ~Dan Lungren~

  • I'm a former athlete who has been to many sports medicine and orthopaedic doctors over the years and Dr. Nagda is the best I've ever seen.

    A few years ago my left shoulder, while lifting weights, was in pain and a full round of physical therapy wasn't resolving that pain. After seeing a few doctors, I was referred to Dr. Nagda.

    Upon my first visit, I was impressed with Dr. Nagda and his team. Shortly after meeting me, he and his physician's assistant did a thorough evaluation—functional test after test—of my shoulder. They actually did a few tests on my good shoulder as well to compare, wow! Thorough evaluations are very rare with sports medicine doctors in today's market and I was impressed.

    It was only AFTER his evaluation and talking to me for a good while (I've never felt rushed during an appointment with him) that he requested that I get some imaging in order to get a little more information. The imaging confirmed what he told me regarding some slight damage to the labrum.

    He let me know that I could have minor surgery to fix it, but that he thought that physical therapy with one of his recommended physical therapists could potentially fix the problem and spare me the expense of surgery.

    Although I was hesitant because physical therapy on that shoulder hadn't worked just weeks earlier, I saw his physical therapist who spoke regularly with Dr. Nagda during the course of my treatment, and the pain was resolved after a few weeks!

    This is just my initial experience with Dr. Nagda. I'll write another review later regarding how he used his vast network of connections with other medical professionals to help me recover from a botched ankle surgery.

    ~Scott Bissey~

  • The office is efficient, friendly, and professional. Dr. Nagda is extremely knowledgeable, professional, empathetic, gives you all the time you need, and thorough. There’s no need to look anywhere else.

    ~Edward Lee~

  • I highly recommend Dr. Nagda. All through diagnosis, rotator cuff repair and follow-up appointments, I felt well cared for. Dr. Nagda is easy to talk to and answers all my questions patiently.

    ~Joan Britt~

  • Dr Nagda is excellent, highly recommend him. He is informative, trusting and I am back to normal after and bad rotator cuff injury. Thanks for everything, didn't think it would be possible.

    ~Kelly Harvey-lee~

  • Absolutely top notch surgeon! Highly recommend.

    ~T Family~

  • Doctor Nagda is great! Always explains in detail what is going on and makes sure I know the next steps etc.

    ~Chip Turner~

  • I highly recommend Dr. Nagda, he is very personal, concern on how you are progressing and great eye candy. He is a great doctor.

    ~Marilyn Lowry~

  • had the pleasure of seeing him formy shoulders , i have to have reverse shoulder replacement, on both shoulders, will do the right one fitst then later do the 2nd, he is bar none the best doctor ever, he is personable, and very caring, and very informative, surgerty will be scheduled for January ,as my husband needs rotator cuff surgery

    ~Donna Gallup~

  • Very nice bedside manner, knowledgeable and experienced. Takes time to detail you on treatment options.

    ~Rich Green~

  • Dr Nagda always provides me with an appropriate way ahead on my sports related issues such that I can quickly get back to the activities I enjoy.

    ~David Epping~

  • Dr. Nagda is by far the best and most qualified orthopedic surgeon I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty.

    Dr. Nagda repaired both shoulders that were completely destroyed and repaired my torn biceps that was hanging on by a thread.

    All 3 of my repairs have been healing nicely and I'm feeling much better now thanks to him!

    Dr. Nagda is amazing and makes you feel comfortable and is very straight forward when dealing with the issues you have. Everything he explained to me about the surgery and physical therapy was spot on.

    I can go on and on about how AWESOME Dr. Nagda is and I owe him much thanks for getting me back on track.

    I was in bad shape and i couldn't be any happier with the outcome . I would recommend anyone battling injuries or needing outstanding no nonsense advice to see Dr .Nagda immediately.

    After being treated by Dr. Nagda I actually don't trust or have the same faith in another Orthopedic surgeon. I trust him 100 percent now with his advice!

    I'll be seeing him soon for my knees. If you're looking for the best orthopedic surgeon around and wanting to feel much better about yourself see DR. NAGDA NOW. The best of the best.

    Thanks so much for EVERYTHING. I'm blessed to have been referred to to see you myself. I almost forgot to mention the best staff he has working for him. They are amazing, funny, caring, and listen to everything you say.

    I had a ton of work done and called frequently and NEVER did they do me wrong. They are also the best of the best. It would be great if all doctors and staff could be as GREAT as Dr. Nagda and his crew. Merry Christmas guys!

    ~Pj Shea~

  • Dr Nagda was wonderful! I went to him for a second opinion and he knew exactly what was wrong and laid out the plan. More than the physical relief from pain, he gave me hope. Dr Nadga listened to all of my frustrations and concerns and never made me feel like I was taking too much of his time. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone with joint issues!

    ~April Lipscomb~

  • Dr. Nagda's staff is always pleasant and willing to meet your needs. I had a torn labrum and rotator cuff on my right shoulder that Dr. Nagda repaired. He is one of the best doctors I've seen in the N.VA area. He always answered my questions with sincerity and was great before, during, and after the surgery. He always made sure my shoulder was progressing as required based on the PT I was doing. I had some issues during the healing process and each time he ensured I had an ultrasound completed to insure there were no major issues with the healing process. Would highly recommend Dr. Nagda to anyone having shoulder issues.

    ~Stephanie Billings~

  • There are not enough words to express my appreciation to the professionalism and judgement of Dr. Nagda and his staff. After spending over 10 hours in a Colorado emergency room and receiving terrible news about my accident, I flew back to Virginia in to the care of Dr. Nagda.

    Dr. Nagda needed to make a decision on my first examination whether to operate or wait five days to see if my fractures would naturally begin healing and my shoulder realign. Dr. Nagda made the correct Orthopeadic decision--no surgery! But, he would need to monitor me weekly for several weeks. (I shudder to the thought that if I would have seen another doctor at another medical facility, I could have had unnecessary surgery.)

    Dr. Nagda is very compassionate, sincere, and has a very calming and cool (hip) presence about him which continues to reassure my husband and I in my treatment and recovery. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Nagda. Sincerely, Christine Honeycutt

    ~Christine Honeycutt~

  • I had two complete shoulder implants three months apart.

    The consummate healer, this physician is supported by an exceptional staff that consistently provides a seamless surgical experience. From initial diagnosis to aftercare and pain control, the provision of care was characterized by efficiency without compromise.

    I fully participated in the relevant medical decisions and provided information in an understandable way to assist in those decisions.

    I have never met an individual who has so much basis to be arrogant display so much humility and empathy as does Dr. N.

    I am truly grateful for the experience.

    ~Bill Mchenry~

  • Dr. Nagda has repaired both of my shoulders and has a great attitude, extremely knowledgeable and has a tremendous staff and his team is great to work with.

    ~Bill Kassy~

  • Dr. Nagda is the BEST. And I can wave my hands in the air like I just don't care because he fixed my shoulder, so I DO care about his excellent expertise.

    ~Susan Joe~

  • I went to Dr. Nagda with shoulder pain complaints that had previously been summarily dismissed by another ortho firm in NOVA. Dr. Nagda quickly determined, and verified though MRI, that I had several tears in my rotator cuff.

    When physical therapy could not overcome the pain, Dr. Nagda performed rotator cuff surgery, outpatient, and did an outstanding job. I woke up from the surgery and was no longer in pain! After several months of physical therapy, I was back throwing baseballs and have had no problems since.

    Dr. Nagda is not only extremely talented and knowledgeable in this specialized field, he's also extremely pleasant to work with. His straight forward explanations of each step of the surgical and healing process were much appreciated. He took as much time as I needed at each office visit to go over any concerns or questions I might have had. I'm ever so grateful for his surgical skill and his bedside manner.

    I have recommended Dr. Nagda to several friends and they all agree: he is an outstanding orthopaedic surgeon. I would never go to anyone else and I highly recommend him to anyone that should ask.

    ~Colleen Coyne~

  • Dr. Nagda, is an exceptional orthopaedic surgeon who pinpoints the issue and restores full functional capability in a minimally invasive fashion. Thanks

    ~Zalna Hoonan~

  • The best surgeon this side of Heaven. Thank you Dr. Nagda, and staff.

    ~Barbara Tibbs~

  • Dr. Nagda and his staff are very patient-friendly and my experience with his office is always very good. I never feel rushed or that my questions aren't being answered.

    ~Aaron Ellis~

  • Dr Nagda is an excellent doctor and Surgeon. He explains things clearly. I never feel rushed . He performed a complicated shoulder replacement in 2016 and will replace the other shoulder this year.

    ~Bob Laver~

  • I went in with knee pain. Dr. Nagda assured me that if I followed his instructions I'd see improvement and no pain. Well, he was right.

    ~Daymond Hawkins~

  • Excellent patient care!

    ~Jill Engh~

  • Very professional and friendly.

    ~Lyn Pool~

  • Excellent orthopedist!

    ~Matthew Jennings~

  • Excellent experience.

    ~Ken Mountcastle~

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