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  • Dr. Nagda is the MVP of Orthopedic Surgery. He is conservative in his knife skills, he will always try to do the least to get you the best result. He genuinely cares about his patients too. I was wreck going through shoulder surgery by himself and he even paired with the outstanding Alisha Nagda for PT. The duo gave me so much confidence and surety that I developed a website to help others. He joked that he will need to trip me now so I can write a guide on how to prepare for and get through knee surgery.

    ~Bek H.~

  • Dr. Nagda is a consummate professional in every step of the way. From the friendly voice on the phone making appointments, to the welcoming staff in the office, to the patience of Dr. Nagda - I knew I was in good hands. It's evident that Dr. Nagda is smart - the resume speaks for itself: UCLA, UPenn, Kerlan-Jobe (for those of us on the Westside in Los Angeles, you know this one!), but his character and kind-caring nature for his patients is truly worth noting. I wish I still lived in the DMV area (moved to LA a few months ago), because it's hard to find doctors with Dr. Nagda's educational pedigree, tenacity and good nature on the other side of the country!

    ~Bhumika K.~

  • I had a bad internal break of my clavicle due to a medical visit in Mexico. Upon returning to DC I saw Dr. Nagda who helped me through the two year recovery and surgery required. I can't thank him and Anderson Orthopedics enough for the many visits and flexibility they showed me. Nagda is the best, most honest, knowledgeable, caring Doctor I've ever met.

    ~Jake S.~

  • I would give 10 stars if I could. Dr. Nagda performed a very complicated shoulder repair. I had no issues. He referred me to an outstanding physical therapist that specializes in shoulders. Dr. Nagda explained the procedure, provided me with excellent pain management. Followed me for 6 months and got be back to full mobility. Superb treatment!

    ~Ed J.~

  • I met Dr nagda through my wife. He had worked on her shoulder after a fall. He is also a member of what is probably the best orthopedic team in the United States, if not on the planet. My own issue was a torn meniscus in my left knee. He took care of it quickly, with an outpatient procedure that had me home later the same day. I cannot recommend Dr nagda, has staff, and all of the professional doctors nurses and staff of Anderson Clinic Arlington. My wife's 30-year relationship with them has improved the quality and value of her life. She has had her knees, ankles, hips, and spine, as well as her shoulder seen and repaired by these wonderful people. We live 3 hours from their offices, and we would not dream of going to any other Orthopedic Clinic. They are people of whom I say, there may be people as good as them, but there is no one better. Today's date we have found no one as good as them within a closer Drive. If you want to correct a medical condition, and improve the quality of your life, I can give no better recommendation then to visit Dr nagda and his associates. Good health be yours.

    ~Charles D.~

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